Truly committed in our Strategic Business Plan for developing new destinations in the Aegean, Miray Cruises is deploying the M/V GEMINI in the Aegean Sea, offering the truly unique and very popular 3 and 4 day short cruises enhanced with new destinations (Syros, Greece and Cesme, Turkey). Our short cruises are ideal for weekend break lovers and complement in the best way any land package featuring land programs in Greece or Turkey. M/V Gemini (has undergone recent upgrade in 2017) is a modern, human sized vessel, with spacious sundecks, offering 400 cozy cabins in various categories and a maximum of 1.048 beds).

The purpose of our itineraries, is to give to the passengers of our M/V Gemini ample time for experiencing some of the real jewels among the Aegean Islands and Cesme in just 3 or 4 days, enjoying the services of our experienced and friendly crew:

Our 3 day itinerary gives our passengers the opportunity to visit in just three days four (4) top destinations (Mykonos, Santorini, Syros, Cesme), with highlights a full day stay in Santorini (experiencing the breath taking sunset), and an evening call in Mykonos (giving to our passengers a good feeling of the island’s famous night life).

Our 4 day itinerary calls five (5) top destinations: Mykonos, Syros, Santorini, Rhodes, Cesme. The highlights of our 4 day itinerary are full day stays in Santorini and Rhodes and an evening call in Mykonos.

Sailing on the M/V Gemini in the Aegean is all about experiencing some of the best destinations in the world in a hassle free way: Our Shore Excursions specialists, have picked from the wealth of must-see places on the visited islands, some of the most popular tours, tailor made according to the needs of our passengers: from a wide range of optional shore excursions, there are tours for every interest and age, which are bookable either in advance (at the time of booking your cruises) or even on board.

While in Cesme, our passengers have the opportunity either to experience this picturesque destination, visit the rich in history vivid city of Izmir, or the famous Ancient Ephesus.

Our cruises are designed for introducing to our passengers the unique lifestyle and the delicious local cuisine, offering meals from all destinations, a truly unique deep dive in the enograstronomy of the area. The experience can be further enhanced with the specially selected drink packages (bookable either in advance or onboard) and the warm-hearted hospitality of our crew.

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